Hannah MacKintosh

Creating a brand that would let Hannah's work shine through

The Brief

My mate Hannah is very talented.

She approached me to update her brand and build her a new website.
Hannah is a painter, sculptor, ceramicist and pottery teacher who loves square business cards - fun fact, she can't see in 3D.

A brand that doesn't distract

Instinctively I knew that Hannah didn't need an icon or drawing as a logo. I didn't want to create something that would distract anyone from her work.

The end result?

Branding that is clean, minimal and lets her work do the talking.


I visited Hannah in her studio

Hannah's branding is focused on her work. For her current business cards, the imagery focuses on her pottery. Future versions will have pictures of her painting and sculptures but we need our schedules to realign to organise that one!

The photos I took have also been used in Hannah’s promotional work, most recently featuring in a local newspaper!

Business Cards

Website Coming Soon

We're expecting to launch Hannah's new website in Summer 2019