My books have reopened for freelance work

The end of the academic year has coincided with finishing up my current freelance projects. I am currently in the position to accept new clients 🎉

If you’re thinking about setting up a website or want a refresh of an existing one, a logo made or maybe some print material designed, then I’m your woman!

I’m open to any sort of design problem you have in mind.

My prices are reasonable and negotiable (just not free - I have ice cream to buy and rent to pay!)
Get in touch asap before my diary fills up. Looking forward to hearing from you

✉️ jo.williamson001[at]

Still not sure?

We've all been there. Take a look around the site, check out my work. Pop me an email just to start a conversation.

Don't know what to say in an email?
Me too! I never know what to write!

A good start would be letting me know what kind of project you have in mind, how big it is (50 posters? 1 rebrand? A small website?), if you have a budget or time frame in mind and any questions for me. Here's a handy template you can use if you like - you fill in the bits in [the square brackets]


Subject: Lets work together!
Email content:
Hi Jo,
Hope you're well. My name is [Dame Judi Dench], my favourite colour is [glitter] and I [run a fancy dress shop in Slough.]
I want to update my [brand] and wondered if that would be something you'd be keen to do?

[I'm a huge fan of your work, if I could, I'd nominate it for an Oscar.] I'm curious about how much it might cost and what sort of time frame we'd be looking at? Also what would I get for my money?
Look forward to hearing from you soon
[Dame Judi Dench xoxo]

Here's just some of the freelance work I've done in the past...