The Anna-festo

Designing promotional material for Anna's election campaign for VP Welfare at Northumbria Student Union.
Spoiler alert, it worked - she won πŸŽ‰

The Brief

Big Hair. Bigger Ideas

The first 'thing' I wanted to create was a mascot for the campaign.Β If you've met Anna, she has big hair, sometimes it's blonde, sometimes it's pink, right now it could be blue for all I know.


Working out the icon

Adding some colour

Final Icon

This icon was used across Anna's social media proudly waving her "Big Hair. Bigger Ideas" flag


If you've ever been to a university campus during student elections, you will have been surrounded by poorly designed posters.

I wasn't going to let this be the case for Anna. For her campaign I wanted her to have posters that would look good, make use of hierarchy and white space, and get her personality across.

Again, if you've met Anna, you'll know she's the personification of sunshine, so yellow was a key colour in her campaign β˜€οΈ

Social Media

The final part of Anna's election arsenal was creating some templates and material for Anna to use across her social media

Facebook Profile Frame

Instagram story templates


If you read the spoiler at the top of the page, you'll have read that all the hard work paid off and Anna was elected as Northumbria Student Union VP Welfare for 2019 - 2020.

I'm excited to see all the work Anna does at the SU - especially her promise of more dogs on campus!

Jo made things easy by combining my basic ideas with her flare to come up with something fun and eye catching!
Throughout the campaign week people frequently commented on how strong the posters were, catching eyes across campus!

- Anna Kemp β˜€οΈ