Oh Hey 👋

My name is Jo Williamson.

I currently live, study and work in Newcastle upon Tyne

I'm in my second year studying BA Interaction Design at Northumbria University. In 2017 I graduated with an A from Edinburgh College with a HND in Visual Communication: Interactive Design

Do you know how hard it is not to be sterotypical in an 'about' section?

A lot of people write about why they got into design or everything they love - like dogs, and travelling - but that sounds a bit too generic.

Here's four things you should know about me to start off with:

- I am very good at what I do
- I like avocados a normal amount
- If we meet for a coffee, I will probably order a flat white
- I hand coded this website from scratch

If you'd like to know more about me - or be told a really rubbish joke - please get in touch

Additionally if you'd like to discuss employment opportunites and/or any freelance work you want to throw my way, feel free to pop me an email - I'll bring the doughnuts to our first meeting 🍩

✉️ jo.williamson001[at]gmail.com