The Safe & Sound Chip

"Create a futuristic technology"

This was the crux of a project from second year at Northumbria. The brief had lots of mini deliverables, including the vague instruction of "1,500 words about your tech". Some people made a comic book, some wrote a piece of creating writing: I designed the homepage of my product.

Uni Project Web Design
Essay 2nd Year 2018

The idea: microchipping elderly people

While there were a few ideas I was choosing between, I decided to on this one because my Gran audibly gasped when I explained the concept, and a friend was so morally against it he refused to let me talk about it.

The fact this idea is controversial, meant that people stop and consider the implications of where tech is going.


I was very purposeful with the language used on the site. I wanted to use words that felt a little bit uncomfortable and extreme like “installation”. Hopefully, this meant that readers think about the repercussions and implications.

The Site

The site can be viewed on readymag here.
FYI, due to software limitations a lot of the interactivity is lost on mobile and tablets