WIP: Final Project

Here's a sneak peak of what I'm currently working on...
A job finding app that uses user location as the search query

Uni Project WIP
3rd Year 2020

Our final year project is completely self driven and self-defined. As this is a work in progress, I'm skipping all of the development steps and only showing some final outcomes. Once the project is finished, I'll share a full rundown of the process

Concept Video

I made this simple animatic for a concept presentation to succinctly explain the idea of this project...

This is Rob

Semester 1 Prototype Video

At the end of semester one, we were asked to submit a video advertising our project in its current state.

Shout out to my friends Dan Ball and Michaela "Ding" Thomas for their help in shooting and acting in this video.

Currently working on...

As this is a work in progress, I thought I would share the direction this project is heading...

  • Define brand vaules and goals (as if going to launch)

  • Name change and improve the branding

  • Examine and improve hierarchy and structure
  • Iterate UI and UX of app (TEST TEST TEST)

  • Incorporate accessible design 🦾

  • Fully working prototype (Figma/ Principal)